Easy money at forex?

Easy money at forex?

I wihs you a nice day.

Today I would like to focus on something what I do personally consider very important.

If somebody is in a mood to write that it is a pile of useless non-senses, keep it for yourself. It is valuable to think about it not only for newcomers who are still living in a dream empire, but also for skilled traders and thiefs who will find their meaning in it.

I think that forex and overall financial markets are today getting to the level of insurance business in the 90´ties.

There are still more and more brokers. Therefore, it is not enough to call businessmen as in the past. They have to go for ordinary people. They have to make cold phone calls to complete strangers and drag them in to the market this way. There wouldn´t be anything wrong about this if it wasn´t executed by trained sellers and especially liers and thiefs.  The problem is that many brokers´ managers ar being paid from deposits or better said from deposits who one will never withdraw anymore. So even better said from losses. It is a top of insolence when such a ´´manager´´ will call to a totally unskilled person, persuade him/her to invest several-yearly savings with explanation they will teach him everything and he/she will get tips with a pile of another beautiful fairytales which are completely out of reality. Then they will be holding you until you loose everything. Such a person is in desperation because he/she has lost everything and he will be searching for revenge and help thinking how to gain it all back… He/she hasn´t realized what has actually happened, but he/she wants to get it and he/she thinks such a plan can be successful. It can´t… You can´t find easy money on the market and if anybody tells you in future, hit him over head with a pan.

People are still making the same mistakes over and over again and whole world stands and falls based on it!

I am in a mood for shauting and crying when I see on the internet how somebody gives AOS ´´for free´´ or for a symbolic price of couple hundreds… AOS will turn you into billionaires. It is enough to have a particular broker. AOS does at least 50 trades a day. You want to become a billionaire quickly, right? For a person who is giving away AOS is enough that it will be rolling and keeping in profits for most of the time. So ideal will be if we have RRR 20:1 to make plenty of profits… And it does not matter that once monthly it will be all sent to the market again. Important is that it will make a solid pile of trades daily… HFT is also making thousands of trades, no? So it has to be tempting. So let´s count 50 % from commission or spread for AOS author. Well, what more can we want? We are earning at forex…

We can see this on each corner and ideal is when broker has spread at least 3 pips just to take a huge money shower… I don´t handle to wonder quickly enough as people are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And they will still get caught somewhere. I understand that a newcomer will do this, but it is incomprehensible for me when it is being repetitively done by poeple who are here for years.

Next we have here trading from the beach, millionaires from the beach, then millionaires on binary options, millionaires on signals, non-senses copying, trading at least on 4 screens just to see each single order (which can be counted far ahead, by the way) and ideally on minute graph to have some adrenaline people search for… Statistical arbitration at majors pairs, what is it? If we build EUR/USD sell and GBPUSD buy you are trading with EURGBP sell and nothing else. Then stolen foreign strategies which are at the end of their cycles and perhaps already non-workable are being often sold as Holy Grail here. I don´t know what to think in some cases… Whether author is really a fool who hasn´t understood how market works in many years or he/she is a cold-blooded thief chasing sheeps. And many other shits I can´t watch.

Ladies and gentleman, I will publicly tell you a secret… You can´t find FREE and EASY money at forex or at any other market… It is just well packed illusion… There is hiding hard work, many falls to the bottom, overview and constructive thinking behind successful trading. Not any meaningless strategies (SHITS) copying which can be found on the internet. All of this will bring you profits just temporarily if you are luck… But it won´t bring you anything for most of the time.

You will either be ruled by someone else till end of your life or you will finally think about what is going on, who we stay against, what are your chances and how to make it workable. Focus on it and go to the finish until you get there… We can´t turn around in a half and choose a different way. But start counting a little. If you are so lazy you don´t start counting and you are still searching for Holy Grail in mouse clicking, miraculous tool or AOS, you will be doomed for loosing and your capital will be shifted to the opposite side still and over and over again until you give in and you close this life chapter.

Jump to forex about 10 steps forward!


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