General terms and conditions

I general provisions

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of contracting parties arising from the purchase contract between the buyer and seller. The subject of purchase contract is a purchase and sale of online products in e commerce on websites:,,


Object of purchase is a product of individual property, therefore any of its dissemination or providing to third sites without the authors approval is forbidden. By signing the purchase contract  buyer accepts, that any use of information from the object of purchase, success or failure are only in the buyers hands and the author takes no responsibility. Buyer can find information about the products and services of third persons in the object of purchase. These information are only recommendation or expressing of opinion on the topics.

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The seller is registered as Case l.t.d, Insert No. 63631 / L in the Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica.

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II.Ordering of online products and purchase contract settlement

The condition for validation of electronic order is to fill all the prescribed information and particulars required when completing your order. Order is a draft of purchase order.  It’s not important to formally confirm the purchase by seller to issue the purchase contract, the contract is valid from delivery of online product. Placing the order the buyer accepts the terms and conditions for online delivery declared by the seller. Relation between the buyer and seller is subject to these terms and conditions, which are binding on both parties unless the contract states otherwise.


III. Price of online products

Prices for on line products listed in the internet store of seller are actual and valid at the time of ordering. Buyer receives the goods at the price valid at the time of ordering. All prices include VAT and non VAT price. Seller reserves the right of misprints. The purchase price will be deemed paid after assigning the full purchase price for separate part of delivery to the account of seller. Invoice, issued under purchase contract between seller and buyer is simultaneously tax document and is sent electronically to buyer.

Purchase price is payable within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract  ( from invoice date ), unless stated otherwise, the customers obligation to pay the price for product/goods or services is full filed at the moment of crediting appropriate amount to the sellers account.

In case of delay with the payment of any amount (purchase price), which the customer is required to pay, the customer agrees to pay default interest to the seller in amount of 0,1% from the outstanding amount for each day of delay, up to the amount of purchase price of the product, goods, services.

Method of payment: Payment methods are linked to the payment gateway of company go pay. Which provides secure technology for accepting credit cards of online bank transfers. Numbers of payment cards, credit cards, passwords for electronic banking are entered over a secured channel of go pay company

IV. Guarantees

There is bulletproof satisfaction guarantee for the course rebel revolutionary. Which means, when a person did not fully understand or won’t be able to use the knowledge from this course, he will receive all the necessary information to the point of complete satisfaction, without further payment!

Other courses are covered by the guarantee of satisfaction within the content which given course represents, which means, that person will get all the additional information, that will be necessary to deliver until the point the person fully understand the information which given course contains.


V. Delivery time and delivery conditions

The delivery period for on line products is immediately upon receipt of the payment by the seller. Customer will receive an email access to online product. Access data will be provided by the seller to customer after payment of the full purchase price and no later than three days, unless stated otherwise.

When paying by bank transfer in advance, delivery time commences on the date the payment is credited to the account of the seller. Delivery time may be extended as appropriate to the circumstances, if the delay is caused by circumstances not caused by the seller


VI. Copyright protection

On line course is a work of authorship of provider, does not provide the right to distribute the work any further by any means of electronic or other communications.  The user agrees to pay the course fee for on line course with the knowledge that the access to view online course is not anonymous. The provider records the IP address of each access to online course together with the login name, which is used to play the video.

The user agrees that every video played within the online course is personalized in the name of user. Almost invisible watermark at the same time as visible identification in upper left corner of the video. Other part of online course is also a few other personalized elements fully hidden in the image. All of these elements are an integral part of online course and in the case of unauthorized dissemination of online course outside the site of provider they will be used in a possible trial in the course of damages suffered by violation of copyright law.

The user commits not to download videos from online course to hard drive or other off line or online medium designed for digital storage. Likewise the user commits not to make any audio video records of video being played within the online course all of these and other activities are in conflict with the desires of the provider and these terms and conditions.

The user commits to protect his access data (username password). The user must not allow third parties to log in under his access data. In case that the user will allow third person such access, he  take full responsibility for the possible event of damage, as the abuse was committed by himself.

Copyright protection also applies for annexes to individual chapters of online course. The annexes are provided only for private purposes of user. It is forbidden to distribute them further to third parties.


VII. Security and personal data protection

The seller declares, that all personal data are confidential and will be used exclusively to achieve the execution of purchase agreement between buyer and seller and won’t be published or given to third parties except to situation related with distributing or payment transfer, which are related to these services. All personal data, which are collected during your visit on our website are processed in accordance with the act 122/2013 (hereinafter act on the protection of personal data) By Voluntarily entering your personal data you give us permission for processing in accordance with law of personal data protection.


VIII. Responsibility

Security: Access to the user account is secured by user name and password.  The buyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality with respect to information required to access the user account and notes that the seller takes no responsibility for violation of that obligation by the buyer.

Responsibility for the website content: Websites can be updated without previous notice.


IX Final provisions

These terms and conditions are valid in the stated wording on the website of the seller in the day of sending the electronic order in event that there is no written agreement between parties.

By sending the electric order buyer accepts without reservation all the provisions of the trade terms of contracts in the force at the date of dispatch of purchase orders, valid price of ordered online products listed in the price list on the website, unless in a particular case clearly stated otherwise. Rights of the buyer in the relation to seller arising out of the Consumer Protection Act no. 634/1992 Coll. as amended laws to remain untouched by these terms. Legal terms and conditions here not explicitly regulated, as well as any disputes arising from the failure to meet those conditions are governed by the provisions of the Commercial and Civil Code.
Seller and  buyer agrees to fully accept electronic forms of communication, especially through electronic mail and Internet network as a valid and binding on both parties.

RIFM, Ltd.,, net, eu (hereinafter Company) n takes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in this document. The Company is not liable for any losses arising from any investment based on information published by the company. All information herein is of informative character. Information materials published by the company do not provide direct advice to the execution of a transaction with financial instruments. Such trading is speculative and may result in major financial losses. All information published by the company has mostly educational and informational purposes and should not be considered a recommendation to execute a transaction with financial instruments. The content of this material shall not be considered a direct or hidden promise or guarantee claim of the company that clients will profit from the information disclosed herein or that losses associated therewith can or will be limited.


These conditions are valid from 1.1.2017