Protection of personal data

WE are happy that you visited our site. We take protection of personal data seriously. It’s important for us, that your personal data are safe. All of the personal data, which are collected during your visits on our sites are processed in accordance with law.

By willingly entering your data you give us permission with it processing in accordance with law on private data protection.


What kind of data we save?

During your visits we record IP address, which was provided to you by your internet provider, from which sites you visited our site, how long have you been on our site, which subpages you view etc. This information are considered private and are not connected with your personal data.

You enter your personal data willingly to various forms on our websites: registration forms, order form, inquiries. WE mostly store these personal data: name, address, mail. If you want to know, which specific data we store for your subject, we will willingly give them to you in written form. If, even with our effort about actuality of data some records are wrong, we will willingly fix them.



How and why this website use cookies?

Cookies technology is being used by almost all websites. Under the law of  EU are websites which uses cookies obligated to inform the visitors about the purpose of cookies and the way cookies are used and to obtain the approval of users of these websites to save/record the cookies into memory of their data station (for example hard disc of computer). According to law SR about electronic communications, it’s possible to consider as the approval of user with saving the cookies also the setting of web player, which let them save it to the memory of data station.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, harmless text files saved by website to computer or another device used to explore internet.

 What cookies are used by this web?

Cookies of Google Analytics = collect anonymous statistical data about how the users of use this sites.  This data serves to analyze the number of visitors of sites, which subpages of they visited, what device they use, type of browser, IP address in anonymous form etc. This web uses cookies also for advertising purposes and remarketing = they help to evaluate and view relevant advertising to the visitors of after leaving this pages. This kind of adverts can be showed for example in the results of search in Google or/ and in various websites which uses the advertising program of AdSense. Read more information about how Google uses cookies in adverts and Privacy Policy of Google Company.

How to block or delete cookies?

You can refuse cookies from Google analytics by installing the plugin Google Analytics opt on Browser add on, designed for Google chrome, internet explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and safari. If you have your Google account, you can refuse the tracking through Google analytics including remarketing on website Ads Settings, down, in item Opt - Out setting. In every modern browser you have a setting to use incognito mode (no cookies are stored) or to stop JavaScript. Cookies saving ( and search history ) can be forbidden in your browser or regularly deleted straight from the browser , or by free software such as Ccleaner, FLASH cookies ( which doesn’t use ) you can view or delete on special website of Adobe Systems incorporated company.

More information about cookies for specific browsers:


We don’t provide your information to third parties.

WE don’t sell, trade or by any other way give your personal data to third parties. Exceptions are verified and reliable partners, which assist us with creation of websites, cooperate on our projects and serve you. These partners are bonded by discretion, agreed with storing your data in safety and consider them private.

Handing over your personal data to state organizations is only on the basis of properly written and rightful legal decisions in accordance with the law of Slovak republic.


Option to sign off.

We use your personal data to inform you about our projects, services and products, inquiry. Your participation is obviously voluntary. If you would not agree with receiving of these information, you can inform us any time to block your data.

You can sign off from subscription anytime by yourself. YOU just need to click on attached link in email, or write us back that you don’t want to receive emails anymore and we will sing you off.


Changes in conditions of personal data protection.

If you decide to change the conditions of personal data protection, we will publish them on this site.

These conditions are valid from 1.1.2017


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