What are saying courses alumnis at Slovakia

I am trading already for more than 12 years at forex. First several years it has been an expensive school where I have been just loosing and searching for the system which would work for 100%. It have taken me long time to realize that such system does not exist. In the end I have found out that I have to create my own tailor-made system myself. It has helped, but only to such extent where I have stopped loosing and I have remained at plus minus zero. The problem was that I did not know where the price will achieve its top and where it will turn around. Everything is clear to me now!!! Your revolutionary attitude and lines which you have published in FOREXREBEL is something what will open eyes and change thinking in trading. However, people who don´t have economical literacy and those who think that what we are being fed with by all medial components is true won´t understand it and they will criticize. Not everyone is mutual for this. There can be found people who has graduated at economics schools and they think that notebook examples is a holy script. You will not persuade those neither. Everybody has to persuade himself/herself on his/her own. But they should criticize only until they take part in a course. I have enrolled to the course because I am able to read between lines and I grasped immediately what I had met there. I do personally think that it is not necessary to drag too many people into this. You have setup the price correctly and who thinks that you will sell him/her a Holy Grale for 30 € is under a huge misapprehension!!! I am very glad that I have finished the course among the first people. I do also thank you for your immediate reactions during questions solving, even at night :). I haven´t encountered such an attitude before! PS: During first week of new trading I have enclosed +460 pip.

Juraj B

I have acquainted with forex 3 years ago. I have studied everything possible in the books and at the internet. When I started with sharp trading I did not invest any huge amounts, but despite this I was able to get to an interesting situation – there were several profitable trades, but those trades in loss were several times bigger. I have tried many strategies, but none have been working (at least not in longer periods) and I have concluded that all offers (articles, analyzes, invitations to forums, ...) are here only with a purpose to gain money from people – simply forex will never be for someone like me. That is why I wanted to quit with trading at forex completely. Two things have happened at that moment. Firstly, there have come one encouragement from a close person – wait for a while, breathe out (I emphisize again that I haven´t been loosing big amounts). Secondly, by coincidence (I do not believe on accidents) I have become interested in Marek´s course in the internet. I have told to myself – I give it the last chance and I go for it. Although, the price hasn´t been very low for me, but somehow I have felt that Marek goes the other way around. I have risked it as my last attempt. I have bought the professional course. I haven´t been finding out anything particularly new from the beginning, but there has been growing knowledge in me that I go the right way. Marek hasn´t been offering any strategies at a golden tray, but he has been trying to encourage a different view on forex working. He has requested cooperation and thinking. Everything has naturally resulted into revolutionary course. There I have had a chance to get to know sufficiently how is forex setup and to figure out my own approaches how to use it. That what was for me the most significant were consultations with Marek via Skype. Marek has reacted to my questions with towering patience, but he hasn´t lead me by hand as preschooler – one has had to bite further with his own work. Anyway, I have shifted to plus (profit) – there are not any huge millions how is written in various ads, but with enough patience, non-avidity, disciplite and work (thinking) it could be still getting better. There are helping Marek´s very useful tools for lines drawing in order to achieve this without which I cannot imagine trading now. Maybe someone will have temptation to label Marek as a layman – unstudied person or a person who is not having precise economical comments – however, I do consider him a person who moved me forward to regular profit creation. I want to express a big thank you for this. I can declare in my name – going to Marek´s course has been worth it.

Václav. L

Some years ago I used to use Forex and trading at stock market. Results have been various. Then there has been a big pause and since spring 2015 I have started to work with it again. It has lead to minus from the beginning and later a bit up. It can be said that around zero. Many websites and books have been read and I have recieved plenty of colleague´s advice. I have found web Forex rebel by accident. I haven´t been persuaded much after watching initial videos. Prices haven´t been anyhow folksy. But in the end I have participated in first 3 courses. I have to apologize to authors for initial disbelief into this project. I would say that if you mean it seriously and you don´t plan to endow several chosen ones, you should seriously think about this course. After finishing 3 courses I am paying and entering another one. This time without fear that it does not have sense. It was really enough just to look from different point of view and everything is starting to move the right direction. Thanks a lot and many successes. 09.10.2015

Radek P

Forex rebel is revolutionary in which information it offers and I would definitelly recommend to all to invest rather bigger amount at once than later drowning for several years in things which don´t have value and which are absolutely useless. I have stopped wasting my time with non-senses thanks to forex rebel.

Tomáš K

...I do recommend to everyone who are stuck at a spot and don´t want to loose anymore... .... As historically the first alumni of entire course I confirm that Soker is really prfound in this area and he has revieled something about what does not have 99 % of retails any idea... Finally I have found what I have been searching for for many years...

Jozef K

I have participated in many courses. I have even paid for some of them, but eventually information I have received were the same as at the internet. All of it have been spinning around Money management psychology and one business system. I have been following all the rules, but results haven´t been according to my expectations. At this point I have encountered absolutely opposite attitude to forex which is definitely interesting and it has its logic.

Juraj K

I have taken part in Forexrebel professional course and I only can recommend it to everyone. It has been the best investment I could have ever done for my trading at Forex. Soker is a specialist and his approach to client is terrific. He is willing to professionally and quickly explain every question and problem anytime. I can only and strongly recommend. I can say to the course itself only that it is really worth it and amount of new information is huge. I am already looking forward to FR revolutionary.

Petr D

I assess course „Rebel advanced“ positively. It is correctly rendered in this course why fundamental analysis doesn´t work. Why the market is making after the news movement logically with us and then sometimes movement illogically against which is later being funny called by analytics as „repulsion to risk“ or „sentiment“. In next part of course about technical analysis are explained risks of this method. Reasons of patterns malfunctioning (what is possible to be found also elsewhere). Indicators which are not applicable on their own. The whole course is supplemented by tasks, practical presentations and interesting examples which forces you to think them over. I would recommend the course to persons who are starting with forex and to slightly advanced traders who want to shorten time and not to follow blind streets. For more advanced it has a meaning with motto „repetition, mother of wisdom“ with a logical shift (the same as in my case) to „Rebel professional„

Jirka Z

I strongly admire your effort to help the beginners as well as other less or more skilled traders to save some lost years. I personally do highly appreciate that you give such an opportunity and you invest to such an amazing project. I take my hat off. Videos you have published so far were very instructive and persuasive for me and I will be very glad to participate on the whole course. Regarding the price of the whole course, I rather invest to this course than loosing in reality and to remain standing at one spot with time loss and in the end spend all money from my accounts and then to give it up perhaps with the debts on my neck. Bye and I am looking forward to further cooperation very much.

Štefan D

I recommend this course to everyone who don´t want to loose unnecessary time by backtest, optimization and by similar meaningless stupidities. This course will show you how to look at this market, what is really happening there and what is the real meaning of forex market. Marek, thank you for everything.

MIchal. L

Hello Soker, I can tell that thank to you I have diametrically changed my view on trading in spite of the fact that I am on the market already for long 7 years. I had still encountered something new what I always tried on market and of course with failure during seven years. And I had been studying something new over and over again and always I thought it is the right thing, but not, unfortunately. After finishing your courses was for me the most difficult thing that I had to forget about everything what I have learnt so far. Time is expensive nowadays and I can congratulate to myself that I have encountered you. Now after finishing your courses I have to admit that you were right in everything and finally I have managed to get to that small percentage of profitable persons. Thank you many times.

Maroš. K

I recommend to all who want to start trading, but also those who are not amused anymore by being still only in fear and stress and especially without profit. This project has changed my point of view on forex, but also point of view on those who are promising big and long-term profits with minimal losses.


I have graduated in revolutionary course and I am very satisfied with the course. I think there is not better course in a long distance from here. I recommend to everyone to participate at least in professinal course for sure. There are already valuable information for profitable trading. It has been an excelent investment for me. Thank you, Marek.


You will run over this course in half a month and when you remember how you had looked onto the market before the course started you will be just laughing. It will completely turn your view on the market. I think it is not necessary to write off a lot in here. I have immediately understood after free videos that this is a different league and no fairytales and honey strings. The one who comprehends Soker´s puzzles can see that power and knowledge which is being offered in course by Soker. I wish a lot of success to all and I thank to Marek for his willingness to share information and knowledge as well as for mentoring and advice regarding everything what is needed and what person needs to know.


I have taken part in Forexrebel course already in summer and I can say that I have nowhere got better information and market comprehension despite I have passed through many things. It was my fault that I haven´t started with it earlier. Marek has sufficiently started me up. He has holy patience with me and he will reexplain whatever I need to. Personal meeting has been very pleasant for which I thank him. I can recommend this course to everyone because this is the best investment which I have put to education for sure.

Vlasta. M

I greet you, rebels. I have finished Rebel Professional course. Thanks to this course I have earned money even too easily for course Revolutionary. And now finally has come the time to start playing game Forex according to its rules. Thanks for an opportunity to get into the course. Thanks to Marek for his great personal and professional approach, in addition in whichever hour. Hold your fingers crossed for me during forex masterpiece creation. This course has changed my misunderstandings about forex and has showed me how actually FX works. Skills with FX have been saying me already long time ago that something is wrong and they have also forced me to sign in into the course. I am glad for that dicision to join the rebels. Thanks.