Frequently Asked Questions about online courses forexrebel

Why you do these courses when you are able to earn on the market?

There are many reasons, but I will be brief. Because the internet is full of nonsenses which will never approach you to profit and because trading is asocial and I need to communicate with the world. I do trade for more than 8 years and after 5 full-time years you will start to get annoyed a bit. This can be understood only at a point when you become full-time (several people who became full-time under my supervision start to feel it and it is only a short time).

Is necessary to pass the Revolutionary course if you want to trade successfully?

In some cases yes and in some no. Revolutionary course is a huge extension and it moves the trading boundaries, knowledge, view at trading much further beyond traditional understanding. However, it is not absolutely inevitable for successful trading.

What do I learn in course in particular?

All what was possible to be said in public, I said via some form, e.g. by cuts, courses contents, articles, discussions etc. Unfortunately, i tis not possible to tell more publicly because it would become publicly accessible garbage as everything else.

What exactly is mentoring in your perception?

In basics there is a course where are videos, practical tasks and tests. Mentoring is initial communication which is being executed in an individual form and not as a general discussion. This communication forms the fundamentals of a course and it is very demanding from time perspective (and also unrestricted). There are people who do not need it at all, but the whole course is built in order to we know how to do everything tailor-made expecially during this initial communication.

How much time do you dedicate to me? I have a feeling that I understnad everything a little slowlier.

Until you will communicate with me, so to the point of your satisfaction.

Will I teach how to trade in Advanced course?

Unfortunately, not. You will surely not learn trading in Advanced course. Although Advanced course can definitely save you a lot of time if you are at the beginning and you have not get over 5 to 10 years of trading. Advanced course is a necessary pre-preparation for Professional course. In this course you will be able to settle the system up based on fundamentals from Rebel.

Can I handle it if I’m complete beginner?

The course is built so that even as a complete novice you will manage to learn it. However, it will take you longer because you will need to learn the basics from the first course

How long does a complete course take and what is its form?

This an individual question. The whole course can be finished in 15 days, but it is very individual for each. The form is online. In form of on-line videos. Connected with the practical part with tests, and mutual communication, which is essential in the advanced part of the course.

Will you show us real results?

The real results are not a problem, just write me, but my philosophy is clear, the past is not what one should look to, it is no guarantee of future and will never repeat the same as before Each absolvent of my courses fully understands this and understands how exactly I mean this

I’m what time will I be able to actually use the information from the courses?

It is individual, there are people who immediately understood what to do and basically in two weeks they're working on their own way. And there are people for who it can take half a year. I will help everyone with everything

If you purchase REBEL advanced course and then I decide for the next course, how much will it cost?

Each course that you purchase will be deducted from the price of the next course. So every time you will pay only the difference. However you have to write me because these prices can’t be found on the web.

Does course has a limit in the number of people? It will be possible to sign up later?

Course revolutionary rate is limited by the number, so far the number is 30 people. This may change depending on how I see fit. Other courses are not limited by numbers, but for the course Revolutionary I prefer people who started gradually.

What will I learn in the course?

The courses will teach simple logic techniques of major players and the whole nature of how market works, where by using simple mathematics you can calculate your future profitability. It will not be about specific systems, each graduate will be able to develop their own, based on what he learns.

Why are your courses so expensive?

Because the price of those information is high. In fact, for many people far greater than the actual cost of the course.

Will I be able to successfully trade after the course Revolutionary?

I see no reason why it should not be this way, the time for application in practice is, of course, individual ... but I believe that I will get most of people to profitable trading.

There are many forex courses on internet, why should I use this one?

It’s true there are many courses... and basically every one of them repeats over and over the same thing as you can read elsewhere on the Internet. And what results people have? This course is a complete opposite of everything that you can find anywhere else!

How can you be sure that person will save many years with this course?

Because it is safe to say that most of the information around is vicious circle distributed by – people - theoretic, then by people whose business is selling nonsense, then by brokers. Thus you can be sure that almost everything that you can read on the net, will guide you away from the right way, unfortunately, such is the reality. After all, if it were all functional, most would profit. And there would be no one to pay the profits.