Become a REBEL

Have you tried almost everything and you still lose? Or you are in the beginning and want to save long years of lost time and money? Go for it!

On-line courses

  • 1
    It’s for complete beginners. By completing the course you will learn all the basics you need to begin with trading on forex and you will set up your first real account
  • 2
    It’s for all the traders, which got stuck in a vicious cycle and haven’t earned any profits. Also it will be a continuation of rebel beginner. By completing this course you will find out where you made mistakes and start to focus on completely different things. Also includes beginner course.
  • 3
    In this part a person will starts to look on forex from completely different angle and will start to use its simple mathematics to become successful, the course includes EXCEL, which will count, where the big players starts. By completing this course you can create any profitable strategies based on simple forex basis. Includes also beginners and advanced course. Individual care for each student.
  • 4
    It’s for everyone, who want to have confidence and want to know everything that’s essential for profitable trading. This information will open the doors that no one has ever opened before for you. After completing and full understanding of this course you will be able to earn living by trading and the more ambitious can create a successful forex funds with huge lead before competition. It contains also all of the previous courses. Individual care for each student.


Course rebel revolutionary

Course rebel revolutionary A bulletproof satisfaction guarantee is connected with this course. It means that if person would not understand or would not be able to use all the information from this course, he will receive all the essential information until complete satisfaction which means profitability, without further payments!

Other courses

Other courses are connected with satisfaction guarantee within the content which course provides, which means that person will receive all the additional information, which are needed until the point where he completely understands the information the course provides


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Course  PROFESIONAL and REVOLUTIONARY is limited by number of participants. Anyone who started with advanced course will be prioritized!

24 €
4 €
Complete basics for all, who don’t know anything about forex or know just a little. What is forex, use the platforms MT4, orders etc ...
This course doesn’t contain any other parts.
Not individual care.
You can start to trade on forex with these information. -----------------------------
150 €
94 €
Why the Ta, FA everything presented is not working and, getting rid of all the nonsense that influence us from our surroundings.
It also contains beginner course. --------------
Not individual care.
These information will guide you out of the vicious circle and take you to new path.
3000 €
You can pay in 3 installments
The whole nature of forex, how they do it on the other side, where and when, what is behind it and how to use it to our advantage.
Includes also all the previous courses.
Individual care.
This information will open your eyes. ------------------------------------- -------------------------

The price of the on-line course is with license for one person!

If you buy, for example REBEL PROFESIONAL and later you will decide for REVOLUTIONARY, it’s sufficient to pay the difference between chosen courses.