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- You have to fight the broker for better conditions
- Why it is a necessity for successful trading
                  - You gain an advantage over the others
                  - Without it is just not working
                  - How this could be bypassed
- how to deal on better terms with him
                 - Quid pro quo
                 - Trading talent

- Demonstration of where the money ends, why and how to avoid it
                - Demonstration of how the market moves from A to B and where it finally ends
                - Traps for crowd
                - Trading always in the same direction
                - Trading always the same instruments

- How will end up any system currently operating , if it gets to the people and why
               - The actually functional systems
               - Why they sooner or later fail
                -How the market moves in cycles
                - Why is it moving so, and why is not possible to follow the past
                - People will fill the hole

- Why everything we read is no longer applicable
               - Often it is not nonsense but it does not apply
               - The market is constantly changing and adapting, but still works the same
               - Why it therefore no longer applies
- Forget the statistics
              - Why statistics won’t work as expected
              - How much weight to give to statistical advantage

- Destruction of all common systems, the reasons
               -Complete destruction of systems based on anything from A-Z

- A view from the other side
               - How would I do if I created it myself
                -How would I achieve ongoing profits
                - We will throw away emotions and look at it in perspective

- Who is the creator and why
              - Who is the creator
              - Why he created it
              - Simple calculations

- How do they do it
              - Explanation of how they actually do it
              - The role of brokers
              -view of the whole pyramid

  - Why they must always win
               - Spread and its nature
               - Swaps and its nature
               - fictitious quantity

               -infinite capital
               - .......

- What part do we and real people's money create
             - Simple calculations
             - How much real money is there
             - Why are they so crazy about us
              -we are substantial enough (either as funds or individual)

- How much is shifted during the crises
              - Simple calculations
              - Why is it happening
              - Who pays it

- So how does it all work
              - Demonstrations
              - How do we connect to it
              - What happens when the market stand
              - What happens when the market goes
              - Why does everyone without real advantage has to loose

- A new look at forex
              - We already know how it works
              - We already know what I need to do for success
              - We already know that it's smart casino
              - We know that we are fighting against great power
              - Everywhere it is about people
               - Forget the beautiful rising curves

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREX, How it is all connected
PRACTICAL examples and demonstrations (hedge funds)
Instruments for the transfer of wealth from ordinary people

- Functional System

- Script for creating lines





It’s for everyone, who want to have confidence and want to know everything that’s essential for profitable trading. This information will open the doors that no one has ever opened before for you. After completing and full understanding of this course you will be able to earn living by trading and the more ambitious can create a successful forex funds with huge lead before competition. It contains also all of the previous courses. Individual care for each student.